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Healing through yoga: a blog series

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Dear Friends,

this is the first post of a longer blog series. I came to yoga when I still lived in San Francisco and worked in a high-paced consulting job. Yoga always gave me a way to connect with myself and to find a place to feel happy and alive, even if the day had been a complete mess. More than the physical part of yoga the yogic lifestyle fascinated me so much that I decided to take my Teacher Training with Marianne Wells in 2013 in Costa Rica.

At this time I wasn't aiming to teach but rather deepening my own theoretical knowledge. But little did I know that taking the teacher training was life-changing by itself and helped me immensely on my own healing journey.

When I speak about healing I am mostly talking about my eczema, an autoimmune skin disorder. Conventional medicine says there is no cure to eczema and you can just try to lower the symptoms. But after various trial and order of more than 20 different therapy approaches I found an holistic cure which is closely related to the yogic life style.

It's not an overnight solution and it takes work and effort, but it was the most sustainable and long-term healing I have found for my skin. And believe me, I have had eczema since a newborn and I have tried A LOT.

I will tell you more about it in the coming blogs!

Stay tuned and namaste,


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